Frequently asked questions

How to Start with UPM·X

Product Architecture

If you are interested in trying out UPM·X for free, just let us know. You can evaluate UPM·X on your ServiceNow instance, or we will provide you an instance for free.

UPM·X is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Cloud. Customers do not have to perform a physical installation of the Application. The Application will be made available by our professional services team.

ServiceNow customers have the chance to buy and install the Application through the ServiceNow App Store.

Application Updates are part of the annual subscription and will be made available to customers based on the agreed service agreement conditions. Typically, no action is required by the customer.

ServiceNow customers will be notified when an UPM·X update is available.

ins·pi’s business model focus is on cloud services only to respond to the global 2000 and fortune 500 company’s requirements world-wide. We see cloud services as an important step to digitalize enterprises, reduce complexity, reduce cost and improve agility.

ins·pi has chosen ServiceNow’s Enterprise Cloud infrastructure, which has proved itself as one of the most robust, fast and reliable solution on the market.

Featuring a unique, multi‑instance architecture, the ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud delivers industry‑leading availability and redundancy. Highly secure features protect customer data and conform to the highest levels of compliance and regulation. The ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud can scale to the needs of the largest global enterprises.

The key difference for the Enterprise Cloud is an advanced architecture called, multi-instance, giving every customer its own unique logic and database. This means all customers are able to fully customize their cloud services without the need to combine their data with any other customer instance.

Instances are deployed per-customer basis, allowing the multi-instance cloud to scale horizontally and infinitely.

Advanced High Availability allows us to move customer instances quickly out of harm’s way for routine maintenance and unexpected issues.

The enterprise needs to know that their data is secure in the cloud. ServiceNow secures our cloud and your data using multiple technologies and levels of security that has been certified compliant by third-party organizations.

Integrate with single sign-on services using SAML 2.0 and secure your data using access controls by IP address, by user, by role, and using multi-factor authentication.

Protect data at rest using field encryption or our unique Edge Encryption that allows you to maintain your own encryption keys on your network.

We deliver comprehensive geographical and industry compliance, including:

  • ISO27001
  • SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 2
  • SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2
  • FDA Quality Management System based on ISO 9001
  • FedRAMP Moderate certification (for US government entities)
  • InfoSec Registered Assessors Program (for Australian government entities)
  • Multi-Tiered Cloud Security Singapore Standard (for Singaporean government entities)

Encryption is a process that scrambles information into a format that unauthorized parties cannot decode or use.

Users who have access to the encryption context can see data encrypted with that particular encryption context. The encryption process requires an administrator to grant an encryption context to users by granting the user an associated role.

Note: Impersonation does not change the encryption contexts available to a user. Even while impersonating, you have only the encryption contexts available to you originally.

After encryption, text fields and attachments are no longer accessible by database tools and cannot be indexed. In addition, users cannot add encrypted fields to a filter. You can encrypt all String fields, including fields provided by default in the system and new fields that you create in the dictionary.

Users with the admin role can activate the Encryption Support plugin.

There are a lot of benefits by leveraging the ServiceNow platform:

  • Certified and approved Applications by ServiceNow
  • Quick installation and availability of the solution on multiple instances immediately
  • Fully multitenant SaaS support
  • No local or client installations required
  • Quick enablement and implementation time-frames
  • No integration requirements
  • Direct access to all CMDB tables and data in ServiceNow
  • Long-term sustainable upgrade strategy
  • High availability and secure solutions
  • Minimum administration and maintenance effort
  • Low consultancy and customization effort
  • Transparent total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Single ServiceNow license per user allows usage of UPM·X and Designer