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FREELUCY is natively build on the ServiceNow platform including some enhanced open source libraries.

FREELUCY can only read tables where an Application Cross-Scope Privilege is defined. Please ensure, that the initial configuration of Cross-Scope Access is completed before access granted to users.

UI Pages

Script Name Endpoint Description
Editor Editor main UI Page facing end-user to manage relationships.
FREELUCYsupport UI Page referring to ins·pi support page.

UI Macro

Name API Name Description
RelationshipEditor.xml x_inpgh_lucy_RelationshipEditor.xml Styling page and logic of “Edit Relationships” button available on all CMDB_CI tables. Clicking the button opens the FREELUCY Relationships Editor window.

UI Formatter

FREELUCY Relationship Editor RelationshipEditor.xmlConfiguration Item [cmdb_ci]Enables “Edit Relationships” button on all CMDB_CI tables by adding the RelationshipEditor UI Macro to the Form.

Script Includes

Script NameAPI NameDescription
Backendx_inpgh_lucy.BackendBackend Script to receive data from ServiceNow database.

UI Actions

UI ActionTable NameDescription
Edit RelationshipsCmdb_ci Enables “Edit Relationships” button on all CMDB_CI tables by adding a UI Action. Clicking the button opens the FREELUCY Relationships Editor window.

UI Scripts

Script NameAPI NameDescription
Controller x_inpgh_lucy.Controller Controller to handle data in Repository Browser for search, commit, delete.
DataHandlerx_inpgh_lucy.DataHandlerDataHandler to manipulate data for Repository Browser Controller in the D3 visualization.
Utilitiesx_inpgh_lucy.UtilitiesUtilities library for different functions required by other scripts.
D3x_inpgh_lucy.D3D3.js Open Source visualization library. Used Version: d3.v3.5.17 Library released under BSD license. Copyright 2019 Mike Bostock.
SweetAlert x_inpgh_lucy.SweetAlertFREELUCY—The visual relationship editor— A beautiful, responsive, customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes. Version 2.8. MIT License (MIT ) Copyright (c) 2014 Tristan Edwards & Limon Monte.


Name SuffixContains RoleDescription
x_inpgh_lucy.editoreditorEditor role to manage relationships. Assign this role to the groups using FREELUCY.
x_inpgh_lucy.adminadmin x_inpgh_lucy.editor Admin role to manage FREELUCY settings. Assign this role to selected users only.

Access Controls

Name Type Operation RoleDescription
Backendclient_callable_script_includeexecutex_inpgh_lucy.editorProvides FREELUCY Editor necessary rights to read the Backend Script Include.
x_inpgh_lucy_editorui_pagereadx_inpgh_lucy.editoProvides FREELUCY Editor necessary rights to read the FREELUCY Editor UI Page.

Style Sheets

Name SysIDTypeDescription
Main44edcb85db2ffb00c713562bdc961972Local Style Sheet Contains main styling information for application.



Application Menu & Modules

Contact Support

Application Scope

Scope Description
x_inpgh_lucy The Application’s scope