ServiceNow Webinar — Design Driven Enterprise Transformation
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Transformation and change are infinite activities within the enterprise to ensure competitive advantage and maximize revenue. However, planning and operations execution are detached, if people, process and technologies are not working in harmony. Having the ability to visually design the target architecture based on real-time data, and making designs actionable on a collaborative platform, is…

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Designer V2.1 Release Notes
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We are proud to announce the release and certification of ins·pi’s Designer Version 2.1 application, which is available in the GoTo ServiceNow Store Designer V2.1 Release Notes Introducing “Display Name” field in class definition table, which will be used as shape name and search field for repository browser Introducing “Welcome Window” Introducing loading status about…

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Designer – My New Relationship Manager
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Relationships are complicated. They are influenced by our self-esteem, contentment, and our mindset. Healthy relationships provide us with support, affection, excitement, and love. But when they go wrong, they can be a source of distress and sorrow. Buying some flowers or sending a smiley can rescue the day. 😉  But how do you manage your business…

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