UPM·X Release Notes

Full history of all releases and enhancements

We develop our applications in close alignment with the ServiceNow product teams and product roadmaps. The latest UPM·X release is compatible with all supported ServiceNow versions.

UPM·X V2.2 Release Notes

  • Introducing Landscape Report Visualization
  • Introducing Partition Map Visualization
  • Introducing Tree Map Visualization
  • Introducing Visualization right-click option in UPM·X list views
  • Introducing Information Object Attribute table
  • Introducing Maturity choice field e.g. Capability Maturity
  • Introducing Scenario comparison dashboard
  • Introducing Enterprise Architect reference field
  • Introducing GDPR Relevant field
  • Introducing Maturity Indicator
  • Improving Hierarchy Map shape size
  • Improving Lifecycle Roadmap multiple relationship visualization
  • Updating Lifecycle Roadmap with selectable indicators


UPM·X V2.1 Release Notes

  • Introducing Hierarchy Map Visualization
  • Updating Lifecycle Roadmap with selectable indicators
  • Updating Lifecycle Roadmap label layouts
  • Updating Lifecycle Visualization to avoid overlapping labels


UPM·X V2.0 Release Notes

  • Certification and compatibility with ServiceNow Kingston release
  • Introducing Usage table
  • Introducing Hosting table
  • Introducing Risk & Compliance table
  • Introducing Actor class
  • Introducing Channel class
  • Introducing Component class
  • Introducing Market class
  • Introducing Technical Capability class
  • Introducing Data Governance with Data Definitions, Data Definition Scopes, Data quality and Data Verifications
  • Introducing mobile capable Steward Portal to enter missing data and verify/review outdated data
  • Introducing usage lifecycles
  • Introducing Indicators and Indicator breakdowns
  • Introducing new relationship types and suggested relationships
  • Introducing Interactive Filters for Dashboards
  • Introducing Dynamic Filters for Dashboards
  • Introducing Steward Groups
  • Introducing Domain Separation for Portfolio Feature tables
  • Updating Dashboard
  • Updating Static Content Files
  • Updating role rights on all dashboards
  • Updating role rights on application menus
  • Updating Information Model for high Designer app experience and compatibility
  • Updating Roadmap with interactive filters, indicators and usage lifecycle
  • Updating Lifecycle Visualization
  • Updating Demo Data
  • Updating User Guide
  • Updating Role Matrix (CRUD)
  • Updating Report Titles
  • Updating UI Actions for Roadmaps
  • Updating Suggested Relationship directions to support top-down line-of-sight
  • Removing Roadmap Dependency as replaced by updated roadmap
  • Removing Focus Points as replaced by new Data Governance functionality
  • Removing ITIL role from UPM·X Admin and Editor role and replaced by Asset role