Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Success Story

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Success in business and in life means different things to different people. Interestingly, there seems to be a common pattern in Enterprise Transformation Management and Enterprise Architecture Management, which resonates well with most of the experts, as we deal with the same challenges. 

How can we determine success? The answer lies in answering a single question: How happy am I?

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We are proud to present our success story with Aberdeen Standard Investments where

  • Gillian Buchan — Senior Business Analyst,
  • Lucy Armstrong — Senior Business Analyst,
  • Alan Martin — Solution Architect,
  • Alan McComisky — Lead Solution Architect,
  • Andrew Robb — Platform Architect,
  • John Ferguson — Solution Architect,
  • Kevin Jackson-Barnes — Business Architect, and
  • Steve Harker — Head of Enterprise Architecture

are talking about their happiness to transform the business by using our native ServiceNow applications UPM·X and Designer in their daily life.

Congratulations to the entire Aberdeen Standard Investments team and best wishes for continued success.

We have created six chapters to give you quick access to the different topics: 

CHAPTER 1: 00:43 Starting the Journey 
CHAPTER 2: 05:19 The Merger 
CHAPTER 3: 14:43 The New Way of Working 
CHAPTER 4: 19:02 Looking into the Future 
CHAPTER 5: 25:43 Conclusions 
CHAPTER 6: 29:26 Experts Advice