Designer V2.1 Release Notes

Designer V2.1 Release Notes 150 150 ins·pi

We are proud to announce the release and certification of ins·pi’s Designer Version 2.1 application, which is available in the GoTo ServiceNow Store

Designer V2.1 Release Notes

  • Introducing “Display Name” field in class definition table, which will be used as shape name and search field for repository browser
  • Introducing “Welcome Window”
  • Introducing loading status about Designer initialization, shape library, diagram, templates, elements & relationships in Welcome Window
  • Introducing “Load Sync” i.e. check of diagram content against repository data while loading Designer in Welcome Window showing committed and deleted elements & relationships since last save
  • Introducing highlighting of committed and deleted elements & relationships in canvas
  • Introducing categories for diagrams for logical grouping
  • Introducing highlighting relationship, when parent or child shape changes
  • Introducing tooltips on relationships in content browser
  • Enhancing Designer loading performance by replacing sync with async queries
  • Removing PNG & SVG export menu entries from not supported browsers
  • Fixing relationship direction issue for suggested relationships
  • Fixing recognition issue in deleted elements and relationships
  • Fixing issue when duplicating shapes containing reference to table
  • Fixing tooltips on relationships
  • Fixing tooltips on shapes

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