Designer Release Notes

Full history of all releases and enhancements
Quarterly application releases · Major application version release per year · Bi-Yearly development roadmap sessions with customers · Full alignment with ServiceNow product release roadmap

We develop our applications in close alignment with the ServiceNow product teams and product roadmaps. The latest Designer release is compatible with all supported ServiceNow versions.

Designer V5.2 (Latest Release)

Introducing New Functionality
  • Advanced Hierarchy Map settings with layout, orientation, hierarchy picker
  • Global Settings for custom fields on Diagram form
  • Global Settings for custom UI actions (buttons) on Diagram form
  • XML import option added to INSERT ribbon under ‘Import from File’
Updates & Improvements
  • Additional paper formats with HD, 4k and 8k resolutions
  • Hierarchy Map option to render upstream relationships as container
  • Removed shape settings icons in shape library section for non-admin users
  • Possibility to change the names of the approvals group reflecting in global settings
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Background color not shown preview & presentation mode
  • Tooltips not showing in presentation mode
  • Paper size not saved with Diagram
  • Indicator only changes color and not border (SUP-140)
  • Show in Designer does not load relationships of all selected items
  • Container not expandable/collapsable in presentation mode
  • Wrong table name in Repository Browser after changed in ServiceNow dictionary
  • Changing diagram name in diagram list does not update name
  • Moving sub-folders under All Diagrams not working
  • Stack view ignoring container rules
  • Text positioning in some Archimate shapes
  • Edit data widget form does not update according to Edit data form


Designer V5.1.1

Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Repository Browser shows “no access rights” on some customer instances
  • Auto checkout performed automatically when Global Settings are set
  • Hierarchy Map takes too much time for >2000 items
  • HOP takes too much time
  • Edit Data popup window is not showing up
  • Expected Start/End date in Data panel shows outside of window
  • Updating hyperlinks to new documentation page


Designer V5.1

Introducing New Functionality
  • Show XML stream size under “Edit Diagram”
  • Introducing floating windows for right-hand panels
  • Data Panel added to right-hand panel to quickly edit Shape & Relationship Data (DD-351)
  • Data Panel Global Settings page added to configure additional fields i.e. Notes, Expected dates, Tooltips, Link, SysID
  • Introducing information icon next to Diagram name when not latest version of Diagram is edited
  • XML Export to export diagram in raw XML for backup and transfer purposes (DD-330)
  • Show “loading” progress when loading relationships with canceling option (DD-410)
  • Caching Shapes for improved performance
Updates & Improvements
  • Renaming “Committed” to Current State in Content Browser
  • Renaming “Not Committed” to Future State in Content Browser
  • Extend Repository Browser functionality (DD-171 & DD-358)
    • Last search query is executed automatically when table is changed
    • Multi-selection of search results
    • Hierarchical visualization of data when parent field reference exists on table
    • Search behavior like Google Search Engine i.e. separating words, exact string matching with “quotes” e.g. SAP people (without quotes) will result in all elements containing the string SAP and people. “SAP people” (with quotes) will only show elements containing SAP people in the element name (DD-556)
  • Adding short descriptions to Global Settings tabs and individual settings with hyperlinks to key ServiceNow tables for further configuration
  • Additional Global Settings
    • Default Check-out time in hours (default: 2h) (DD-225)
    • Enable/Disable Automatic zoom (DD-255)
    • Auto save time (DD-544)
    • Default export resolution (DD-553)
  • XML compression to minimize XML stream size if Diagrams significantly (DD-516)
  • Replacing synchronous with async calls to improve responsiveness
  • Visio import capabilities
  • Set preferred relationship type by setting order in Relationship Definition table (DD-237 & DD-404 & DD-421)
  • Redrawing speed of Diagram when zooming in & out (DD-331)
  • Remove rotation symbol when selecting a shape on canvas (DD-559)
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Diagram folder pane does not scroll when selected Diagram is scrolled to top or bottom of window (DD-564)
  • Limitation on file size for Visio import (DD-348)
  • “Edit in Tab” does not consider diagram version (DD-563)
  • Removing an assigned table from a live element with active indicators does not remove indicator colors (DD-524)
  • Collapsing shapes with lines and re-opening Diagram removes all lines (DD-526)
  • When dialog box is open in Diagrams details, ServiceNow search field is blocked (DD-452)
  • Dotted lines in Designer not visible for Line selector in Google Chrome when zooming (DD-480)
  • Saving big diagrams results in connection error (DD-516)
  • Different number of Elements in Content Browser and Elements list (DD-562)
  • Indicator Legend is moving automatically when reloading Diagram without user interaction (DD-560)
  • Consider Diagram background color in presentation mode

Designer V5.0

Introducing New Functionality
  • New Diagram List & Form View
  • Introducing hierarchical folder structure to manage diagrams
  • Direct access to all Diagram versions through diagrams view leveraging ServiceNow audit trail
  • Introducing configurable 3-step approval workflow (deactivating legacy 2-step approval workflow)
  • Introducing Global Settings page
  • Global Settings Allow/Deny committing duplicate elements
  • Global Settings Allow/Deny committing duplicate relationships
  • Global Settings Allow/Deny creation of preview image (not used in Diagram Form View anymore)
  • Diagram Preview is Diagram in Presentation Mode, and not an image
  • Supporting u_parent field on custom tables to support hierarchy in hierarchy maps
  • Merging Elements & Relationships related list in Diagram Form View
  • Updated Commit Logic with single action to commit elements & relationships
  • Introducing “Target Date” visible on Diagram Form View for all Blueprint stages except “As-Is”
  • Adding “Archiving” option in Diagrams Form View
  • Adding “Obsolete” option in Diagrams Form View
  • Freehand Drawing in Presentation Mode
Updates & Improvements
  • Overall, improved performance when loading and moving back & forth from list view, edit and presentation mode
  • Cloning a Diagram includes committed and not committed elements & relationships
  • Replacing existing diagrams list with new folder view
  • Removing HTML tags in elements and relationships
  • Deactivating legacy 2-step approval workflow based on ServiceNow workflow engine
  • Allow creation of relationships only top (parent) down (child) i.e. selection of child relationships not allowed
  • Sort hierarchy map alphabetically
  • Copy presentation link of Diagram directly from Form View
  • Allow loading of relationships for duplicated elements
  • Support formatting Stencil labels
  • Class definitions including styling considered for inherited tables when using parent table in repository browser
  • Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer
  • Updated Blueprint choice fields “As-Is, Transition, To-Be” as default settings
  • Updated demo Diagrams
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Inactive Class Definitions are not hidden in Repository Browser
  • Elements do not get assigned to Stacks when using filters
  • Newly created diagrams do not show up in related list “Designer Diagrams”
  • Moving relationship causes change of relationship type
  • Applying same realtime indicator is adding legend multiple times
  • Print does not work in Presentation Mode
  • Moving realtime indicator legend yields to error when automatically updated
  • ServiceNow tooltips replaced by custom tooltips
  • Tooltip changes overwritten when reloading diagram
  • Relationship fields are duplicated after using HOP functionality
  • Open in Designer UI action does not work for Demands (dmn_demand), Projects (pm_projects), and Contract (ast_contract) tables
  • Replacing shape removes link of committed elements and makes them not committed
  • Committed, then deleted elements & relationships can’t be committed again
  • Realtime indicator range not working when defining multiple ranges
  • Hierarchy Map Include Not related shape not working
  • Building Hierarchy Map takes too long when Indicators are activated
  • Hierarchy Map does not consider Repository Browser filters
  • Error in animation when changing Diagram layout
  • HOP function destroys layout of Diagram

Designer V4.4

Introducing New Functionality
  • Automatically refresh cached Designer files to avoid manual cache deletion with new releases
  • New full screen mode, removing browser frame
  • UI Action on Shapes form “Create Class Definition” to quickly create a Class Definition based on Shape definitions
  • “Read Tables” field in Class Definition table to trigger management of cross scope privilege
  • “Allow Commit” field in Class Definition table to trigger management of cross scope privilege
  • Business Rules to create and set operation (Allowed/Denied) of cross scope privilege triggered through “Read Tables” and “Allow Commit” fields
  • Compatibility with Archimate V3.1
  • Storing automatically User Settings for the following settings:
    • Active sections in right-hand panel
    • Grid, Grid Size, Grid Color
    • Page View, Guides, Autosave, Scrollbars
    • Tooltips, Shadow, Autolayout,
    • Connection Arrows, Connection Points
    • Collapse/Expand
    • Stack Settings
    • Hierarchy Map Settings
    • Last used Realtime Indicators
    • Last used Relationship Fields
Updates & Improvements
  • Replacement of shapes with different tables defined restricted
  • Considering multi-language choice field entries
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Indicator labels visualization in presentation mode contained HTML code
  • “Open in Designer” UI action not working in list view
  • Duplicated entries in Relationship Type list of Relationship Fields form
  • Error message “Cannot read property of ‘split’ of undefined” when opening existing Diagram
  • Indicator labels not scaling
  • Indicators not visible for extended tables
  • Deselecting global filters removes personal filters
  • Removing single waypoints not working
  • Changing relationship label removes relationship type after commit
  • Opening diagram containing elements from a table without access rights,
  • Designer interprets the elements as “deleted” when user has no access rights to table

Designer V4.3

Introducing New Functionality
  • Check for Updates” right-click option in Content Browser to update diagram content. Gets changes for Hierarchy Map items. Loads new related relationships and elements for non-Hierarchy Map items.
  • Get next level” right-click option in Content Browser’s target table name of  Hierarchy Map containers
  • Global settings” table x_inpgh_des_global_settings introduced
  • Global settings option “Block Approved Diagram“ added
  • Style” right-hand panel added for shape and relationship properties
  • Introducing Application Service shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Business Application UPM·X shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Business Capability UPM·X shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Building Block shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Control shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Digital Asset shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Domain shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Journey shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Microservice shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Mobile Application shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Physical Interface shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Process shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Process Activity shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Process Category shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Process Group shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Process Operations shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Process Task shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Risk shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Social Media shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Solution Use Case shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Value Stream shapes to Archimate V3.1 library
  • Introducing Value Stream shape to UPM·X library
  • Introducing Website shape to UPM·X library
Updates & Improvements
  • Limit the relationship types to defined relationship fields in relationship fields form
  • Allow formatting of Indicator Legends
  • Message in welcome window when not using Chrome browser
  • Updating Class Definition styles for Business Application
  • Updating Class Definition styles for Business Capability
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Table name is shown instead of the table label for Indicators
  • Blueprint Selector shows inactive blueprints
  • Relationship Fields can’t be removed when applied multiple times
  • Class Fields order not considered in Shapes Form
  • Replacing shape removed overlay symbols for committed elements
  • Usage table not visible in filter list
  • Personal & Global filters not working
  • Exporting PNG with shadows did not work
  • Header font turned into bold when exporting
  • Error message when importing some Visio files
  • Collapsing multiple entries creates multiple consolidated shapes

Designer V4.2

Introducing New Functionality
  • “User Settings” table to store user specific settings
  • “Stack View” Visualization with filtering capabilities
  • New table “x_inpgh_des_user_settings” added to store user settings
  • Save last user stack settings in user settings table
  • “Word Break” text formatting option
  • TreeFolding option available in styling
  • TreeMoving option available in styling
  • “Consolidate / Collapse” option for selected shapes with circle shape showing count
  • “Collapse Descendents” right-click option
  • “Highlight Descendents” right-click option
  • “u_parent” field supported and recognized when creating Hierarchy Map
  • “Check for updates” right-click option in Content Browser to check if new relationships and elements have been added in the back-end
  • Fix Script added to deactivate Class Definitions for non existing tables e.g. UPM·X related Class Definitions are deactivated automatically, when UPM·X is not installed
Updates & Improvements
  • Improved loading performance for Presentation Mode
  • Renaming “Indicators” to “Realtime Indicators”
  • Selected Contributors can see and edit private diagram
  • Limit “Open in Designer” selections to max 20 entries
  • Relationship Fields Resizable by default
  • Allowing Personal Filters to compliment Global Filters set by administrator
  • “Categories” added to DIAGRAM Ribbon
  • Conceptional Data Object added to UPM·X shape library
  • Logical Data Object added to UPM·X shape library
  • Physical Data Object added to UPM·X shape library
  • Logical Technology added to UPM·X shape library
  • Logical Application added to UPM·X shape library
  • Building Block added to UPM·X shape library
  • Physical Interface added to UPM·X shape library
  • Added UPM·X V4.0 Metamodel to Demo Diagrams
  • Improved relationship auto connection when moving shapes
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Relationship Definition style not applied
  • Duplicated Indicator Breakdowns
  • Wrong tooltip in Content Browser
  • “Share” hyperlink missing “”
  • Moving multiple shapes resets relationships positioning
  • Name is same for duplicated or copied shapes when reloading diagram
  • Notes field sticks on Shape Edit Form and does not follow scrolling
  • Lookup error in Shape Edit Form for Class Fields
  • Save & Open Diagram issues in Safari
  • Indicator tables name is visible instead of label
  • Fixed several issues with CTRL+Z

Designer V4.1

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Stack View” Visualization
  • “Class fields” to define temporary fields for future state elements
  • “Relationship fields” to define temporary fields for future state relationships
  • “Consumers” based group access rights by diagram
  • New SVG UPM·X shape library icons
Updates & Improvements
  • Merging UPM·X related shape libraries into a single shape library
  • Changing UPM·X shapes background colors to white in shape libraries and class definitions
  • Moving shapes distance with arrow keys extended
  • Optimizing speed and algorithm when building Hierarchy Map
  • Optimizing speed when drawing relationships
  • Improving overall performance and speed when handling multiple hundred elements and relationships
  • Improving Visio import & export capabilities
  • Recaptured all applications files for Install / Install + Demo / Install + Update
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Jumping Shapes in Full-screen mode
  • Issue when saving diagrams > 300 elements and > 600 relationships
  • Connecting existing relationships to another shape keeps not allowed relationship type
  • Redundant relationships not shown
  • Repository Filter does not apply on hierarchy map
  • Relationships stick when using autolayout
  • List of Indicators is not updated in presentation mode
  • First workflow is skipped when Designer is installed to avoid error log file entries
  • Cloning diagram goes back to cloned diagram
  • Missing name when editing shape data
  • Designer variable not supported in Class Definition styling
  • Designer variable not supported in Shape Library style definition
  • Removed vertical line while Presentation mode was loading
  • Syncing relationship fields changed relationship fields positions
  • Syncing relationship fields hangs for not selected relationship fields
  • Setting relationship fields
  • Relationship fields text is not wrapping
  • Adding shapes with relationship fields to container not possible
  • Relationships breakpoints are fixed due to auto-layout
  • Designer crashes when loading >500 relationships
  • Drawing relationships take long when having hundreds of shapes
  • Format of recently committed relationships is changing when reloading Diagram
  • Selecting Element in Edit Form does not change Name field

Designer V4.0

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Hierarchy Map” to auto-create capability diagrams
  • “Open Diagram” form with personal and recent diagrams
  • “Sync Name & Indicators” right-click option in content browser
  • Image compression option when dropping images
  • Indicator switch on/off option in Indicator form
  • “Contributors” field to restrict Diagram editors in Diagram form
  • Icon with hyperlink to Designer Knowledge Base and User Guide on ins·pi website
  • Horizontal and vertical Autolayout option selection when loading relationships
Updates & Improvements
  • Rotation overlay symbol position to avoid overlap with other symbols
  • Class definition logic to consider table name instead of  table label
  • New demo diagrams as part of demo data installation
  • New indicators & indicator breakdowns as part of demo data installation
  • Shape positioning speed when using the arrow keys
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Image recognition issue when drag & drop into canvas
  • Frame highlighting issue when dropping image into canvas
  • Shape positioning issue in full-screen mode
  • Recognition issue of deleted elements
  • Changing details when copying shapes
  • Minor layout issues in Internet Explorer
  • HOP functionality hanging when Indicators are active
  • Empty Indicators when Class definitions are deactivated
  • Highlighting shapes when containers are used
  • Indicators showing multiple times
  • Check-in not performing automatically after 2 hours
  • Multiple relationships of same type are not shown
  • Original diagram is showed instead of the cloned version when creating a clone
  • Saving >400 elements & >600 relationships
  • Jumping elements when modeling in full-screen mode
  • Relationship waypoints stick when repositioning
  • Replicating new committed relationships visually when querying relationships again
  • Stencil markup with variable “designer“ fixed in class definitions
  • Stencil markup with variable “designer“ fixed in shape definitions
  • Vertical line showing in presentation mode while loading
  • Resetting relationship fields position when Syncing relationship fields content via Content Browser
  • Various smaller issues

Designer 3.3

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Repository Filter” to filter Repository Browser search results with Global and Personal settings
  • “HOP” feature in Content browser to auto-load relationships and content for 1-5 Hops with configurable table and relationship filters
  • “HOP” feature as a right-click option on shapes
  • “Sync Name & Indicator” right-click option in Content Browser
  • Option to use Repository Filter settings on Hop feature
  • “Select” right-click option in Content browser
  • “Highlight” right-click option in Content browser
  • “Process Flow” formatter in Diagrams form
  • Auto-mapping of relationships, where first suggested relationship is automatically selected when connecting two shapes with tables defined
  • “Layer symbol” in Presentation mode to add and display user specific comments on diagram
  • “Comments” feature in Presentation mode
  • Support for “Container open/close” in Presentation mode
  • “Auto-selection of relationship type”, where the first relationship type is selected automatically, while creating a relationship between 2 shapes with defined tables
  • “Preview Image” creation of Diagram while saving (supported in modern browsers only)
  • “Designer logo” with a new logo
  • “Presentation mode” overlay symbols layout and design
  • “Presentation mode” loading symbol
  • Moving User Guide from ServiceNow help file to
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • “Presentation mode” double URL issue
  • “Location Symbol” in Archimate 3.0 library
  • Diagram Save issue when relationships exist with a loose end-point
  • “Edit Shape” form, where all data is displayed instead of table-related data
  • “Class Definitions Display Name” where the selected Display Name field was not used consequently in Repository Browser and Shapes
  • Removing “Edit in Designer” button in Presentation mode

Designer 3.2

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Visio” import in INSERT ribbon which allows basic Visio layout import
  • “Visio” export in DIAGRAM/Export ribbon which allows basic Visio layout export
  • Tablet support 1024×768 resolution
  • “Relationship Definitions” table to define styling for relationships
  • “Relationship Fields” in INSERT ribbon which allows to display up to three different fields on relationships
  • “Indicator Range” to process a range of values for Indicators
  • “Auto-save Diagram” option for every 15 minutes to prevent ServiceNow auto-logout
  • “EAM Dashboard” shape library
Updates & Improvements
  • “Welcome Page” layout and functionality
  • “Private” option change to save value immediately when set in Designer canvas
  • Initial Diagram load logic to auto-fit entire Diagram into screen
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Indicator styling issue on Containers
  • Indicator styling issue on Swimlanes
  • PNG export layout issue in Chrome
  • “Private” by disabling option for login users who are not the creator
  • “Blueprints” change save issue in Designer canvas
  • ACL setting in “State” field to make it visible for Designer Users
  • Diagram merging under “Edit diagram” option
  • Hyper-link issues in “SVG export”
  • London styles for tooltips
  • “Repository Browser” display names accordingly to Class definitions Display Name value
  • CTLR+D behavior to avoid creating clones of shapes
  • Removed “asset” role from Designer roles & groups
  • Removed “dependency_view” role from Designer roles & groups

Designer 3.1

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Checkout” functionality
  • “Checkout” field on diagrams table
  • “Checkout by” field on diagrams table
  • “Checkout date” field on diagrams table
  • “Find Window” in right-hand panel
  • “Relationship Grouping” in right-hand panel
  • Pop-up message when copying “presentation link”
  • Pop-up message when copying “diagram link”
  • Diagram names shown in browser tab in presentation mode
  • Additional pre-defined Indicators & Indicator Breakdowns
  • Replacing “More Shapes” button with an icon in left-hand panel
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Styling issues when performing bulk changes
  • Replacing multiple shapes
  • Moving content
  • Relationships sticking to connection points
  • “Show in Designer” when the name contains # symbol
  • Overlay symbols position of shapes
  • “Saving label” position error
  • Changes in blueprint is not saved in back-end
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer related issues where shape library is not loading

Designer 3.0

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Ribbons” user interface
  • “Full Screen” mode
  •  “Paging” for Repository Browser search
  • “Cisco Storage” shape library
  • “Cisco Switches” shape library
  • “Cisco Wireless” shape library
  • “Office” shape library
  • “Office Clouds” shape library
  • “Office Communications” shape library
  • “Office Concepts” shape library
  • “Office Databases” shape library
  • “Office Devices” shape library
  • “Office Security” shape library
  • “Office Servers” shape library
  • “Office Services” shape library
  • “Office Sites” shape library
  • “Office Users” shape library
  • “Rack APC” shape library
  • “Rack Cisco” shape library
  • “Rack Dell” shape library
  • “Rack F5” shape library
  • “Rack General” shape library
  • “Rack HP” shape library
  • “Rack IBM” shape library
  • “Rack Oracle” shape library
  • “Veeam 2D” shape library
  • “Veeam 3D” shape library
  • “Information Object Attribute” shape in UPM·X library to support UPM·X V2.2 data model
  • Auto-creation of Indicator Breakdowns for fields having choice field values
Updates & Improvements
  • Extending “Content Browser” with grouping by an object and relationships type
  • Extending x_inpgh_des_user role with asset role
  • Updating User Guide and snapshots with the latest changes

Designer V2.3

Introducing New Functionality
  • Configurable “Shape Libraries” with ACL support
  • “Shape Library” table to define shape libraries
  • “Shapes” table to define individual shapes with custom styling and stencils to be used in shape libraries
  • “Shape Libraries” application menu under Designer/Configuration
  • “Mind Mapping” shape library
  • “Org Chart” shape library
  • “UPM·Miscellaneous” shape library
  • “Swimlanes & Containers” shape library
  • “AWS Analytics” shape library
  • “AWS Application Services” shape library
  • “AWS Artificial Intelligence” shape library
  • “AWS Business Productivity” shape library
  • “AWS Compute” shape library
  • “AWS Contact Center” shape library
  • “AWS Database” shape library
  • “AWS Desktop & App Streaming” shape library
  • “AWS Developer Tools” shape library
  • “AWS Game Development” shape library
  • “AWS General” shape library
  • “AWS Groups” shape library
  • “AWS Internet of Things” shape library
  • “AWS Management Tools” shape library
  • “AWS Messaging” shape library
  • “AWS Migration” shape library
  • “AWS Mobile Services” shape library
  • “AWS Network & Content Delivery” shape library
  • “AWS On-Demand Workforce” shape library
  • “AWS SDK” shape library
  • “AWS Security Identity & Compliance” shape library
  • “AWS Storage” shape library
  • “AWS 3D” shape library
  • “Google Cloud” shape library
  • “Azure” shape library
  • “Cisco Buildings” shape library
  • “Cisco Computers & Peripherals” shape library
  • “Cisco Controllers & Modules” shape library
  • “Cisco Directors” shape library
  • “Cisco Hubs & Gateways” shape library
  • “Cisco Misc” shape library
  • “Cisco Modems & Phones” shape library
  • “Cisco People” shape library
  • “Cisco Routers” shape library
  • “Cisco Security” shape library
  • “Cisco Servers” shape library
  • “Checking user privileges” message for shape libraries during application launch
  • “Show in Designer” UI action (button) for Base Configuration item table to show the selected elements related items directly in Designer in a list (for multiple selections) and form view.
Updates & Improvements
  • Increased PNG export resolution in presentation mode
  • Enhancing the list of indicators with alphabetical order
  • Enhancing Shape Library search
  • Enhancing Indicators and Indicator Breakdowns with “Domain Separation”
  • Enhancing Shape Libraries and Shapes with “Domain Separation”
  • Fixing issue when removing selected indicator
  • Removing pop-up window from presentation mode

Designer V2.2

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Indicators” to color background, edge and corner for pre-defined measures
  • “Indicator Legends” which are added bottom left to the diagram
  • “Indicators table” to define indicators
  • “Indicator Breakdowns table” to define indicator breakdowns
  • “Indicators” application menu visible for Designer admin
  • “Indicators” menu under Extras
  • Overlay symbol on relationships
  • “Actor” shape in UPM·X library to support UPM·X V2.0 data model
  • “Channel” shape in UPM·X library to support UPM·X V2.0 data model
  • “Component” shape in UPM·X library to support UPM·X V2.0 data model
  • “Market” shape in UPM·X library to support UPM·X V2.0 data model
  • “Technical Capability” shape in UPM·X library to support UPM·X V2.0 data model
  • “Present” button in Elements related list
Updates & Improvements
  • Enhancing “Present” mode with zoom, print, export and edit capabilities
  • Improving performance to support >10.000.000 relationships
  • Updating UI Action “Copy Diagram URL” to include a URL for present mode
  • Removing check of existing relationships when hovering an element
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Not all relationships between two elements are visible
  • Overlapping of overlay symbols when shape width is <120 pixel
  • Hyperlink icon not visible for shapes without associated tables
  • Auto-correction of relationship directions and anchor points

Designer V2.1

Introducing New Functionality
  • “Display Name” field in the class definition table, which will be used as shape name and search field for repository browser
  • “Welcome Window”
  • Loading status about Designer initialization, shape library, diagram, templates, elements & relationships in Welcome Window
  • “Load Sync” i.e. check of diagram content against repository data while loading Designer in Welcome Window showing committed and deleted elements & relationships since last save
  • Highlighting of committed and deleted elements & relationships in canvas
  • Categories for diagrams for logical grouping
  • Highlighting relationship when a parent or child shape changes
  • Tooltips on relationships in content browser
Updates & Improvements
  • Enhancing Designer loading performance by replacing sync with async queries
  • Removing PNG & SVG export menu entries from not supported browsers
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Relationship direction issue for suggested relationships
  • Recognition issue in deleted elements and relationships
  • Issue when duplicating shapes containing a reference to table
  • Tooltips on relationships
  • Tooltips on shapes

Designer V2.0

Introducing New Functionality
  • Categories for Class definitions for logical grouping
  • Categories for Diagrams for logical grouping
  • Extending new class definitions including ServiceNow APM and PPM
  • Active true/false option for class definitions to turn-on/off tables in Designer browser
  • “Auto Layout” option under Extras menu to enable/disable auto layout when loading relationships, references and parent/child
  • Content browser to represent diagram content as list view
  • Concept to distinguish committed and not committed elements & relationships (CI relationships) in content browser
  • Elements table to store committed and not committed diagram element content
  • Relationship table to store committed and not committed diagram relationship content
  • Related lists for elements and relationships as part of a diagram form showing the diagram content
  • New role “x_inpgh_des.commit” with privilege to commit elements and relationships
  • “Commit” UI action both on elements and relationships table
  • Private option on diagrams to hide diagrams from other users
  • Domain separation support for a diagram, class definition and template tables
  • Image based “network” shape library
  • “Show Timeline” and “Show Workflow” related links in diagram form
  • Field labels (tooltips) for all fields in ServiceNow forms and lists
  • New calculated field “#Total Elements” in diagrams table
  • New calculated field “#Total Relationships” in diagrams table
  • New calculated field “#Not Committed Elements” in diagrams table
  • New calculated field “#Not Committed Relationships” in diagrams table
  • Commit Overview dashboard
  • Line Jumps
Updates & Improvements
  • Displaying “Display name” instead of “Short Description” instead of “Name” if the field does not exist for shapes
  • Wildcard “*” search in shape library
  • Supporting old diagrams compatibility with content browser
  • Supporting custom images in shapes via style definitions
  • Shape Element data form to select table, element, name, notes, expected start & stop date and tooltip
  • Shape Relationship data form to select type, name, notes, expected start & stop date and tooltip
  • Renaming “Design Assessment Group” to “Designer – Design Assessment Group”
  • Renaming “Architecture Committee” to “Designer – Architecture Committee”
  • Changing “Related Element” from field type Reference to Document ID, which will allow to relate a diagram to any element
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Creation of templates including relationships loaded from browser
  • Overlay symbol issue showing up on multiple shapes
  • New class definition image in the user’s guide
  • Vertical margins in content browser in chrome for windows

Designer V1.3

Introducing New Functionality
  • IT4IT shape library and stencils
  • Matrix Shape to create landscape views
  • BPMN 2.0 Choreography stencil
  • pop-up message when trying to save an approved diagram
  • diagram information in Extras context menu, which adds diagram metadata to the drawing
  • personal and global templates
  • Business Model Canvas template
  • IT4IT legend template and a model example
  • Header template
  • Footer template
  • Approval template
  • Decline template
  • Update Required template
  • Designer Reader role
  • Extending Application Cross-Scope Access privileges with additional tables
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • IE11 bug
  • UPM·X shape resize bug
  • Browser search issue

Designer V1.2

Introducing New Functionality
  • Introduced ServiceNow shape library
  • Overview Dashboard showing diagram status
  • Overlay symbol with direct hyperlink to the element form
  • Overlay symbol for custom hyperlinks (shows element form hyperlink by default)
  • Overlay symbol to load reference fields (shown as blue relationships with name of reference field)
Updates & Improvements
  • Compatibility with the latest ServiceNow Istanbul release
  • Renaming overlay symbol tooltip to load relationships to “Show related elements”
  • Renaming overlay symbol tooltip to load parent/child to “Show parent/child”
  • Improving performance to support >500.000 relationships
  • Improving speed to load relationships on demand
  • Extending Application Cross-Scope Access privileges with additional tables
  • Supporting List V3 for Open & Present UI action in Diagrams table
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Fixing UPM·X shape height & width scaling

Designer V1.1

Introducing New Functionality
  • New tab browser which includes the repository browser with table search and results
  • 2-step Diagram approval workflow
  • Class definition table
  • Class definition table which defines the available tables for table search
  • Class definition table which supports style, width and height definitions for shapes
  • Class definitions for 64 tables including UPM·X
  • Overlay symbol to load relationships (from cmdb_ci_rel table)
  • Overlay symbol to load parent/child (from parent reference field)
Updates & Improvements
  • Improving overall performance for search results
  • Fixing Internet Explorer issue with table search in repository browser
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Fixing column width fixed for table shape

Designer V1.0

Initial release