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Compatibility (7)

UPM·X is natively part of ServiceNow and runs on all browsers supported by ServiceNow. The recommended browser is the latest version of Google Chrome.

As we started the development of our Unified Portfolio Management (UPM) solution in 2015 we have been the first ones creating the Business Application, Business Capability, Information Object etc. tables in ServiceNow. Meanwhile, those tables have been added by ServiceNow as they are becoming a commodity. The naming redundancy is because of historic reasons. With UPM·X V4.0 we have eliminated the naming redundancies. Existing customers can see those tables with an UPM·X extension e.g. Business Application UPM·X. 

With APM you can create a portfolio of applications and manage them. With Designer you can create visual diagrams and models based on the APM and ServiceNow data including current state and future state models. This may fulfill most organization’s needs at short-term. Enterprise Architecture is just more than managing portfolios and creating architecture diagrams. That’s why you need UPM·X.

Recently and finally the ServiceNow CMDB data model got a name: CSDM—Common Services Data Model and new tables have been added e.g. Business Application as those are getting now commodity on the market.  Since we have started the development of UPM·X in 2015, it’s 100% build extending natively the CMDB data model, ergo it is part of the CSDM. UPM·X brings the CSDM to the next level by bringing conceptional, logical and physical architecture together. 

No. UPM·X does not require any other ServiceNow module.

Yes. UPM·X enriches the APM module with additional features and a full EA meta model. 

Remember, that UPM·X requires only the basic ServiceNow installation with no further plugins, but gets stronger with additional plugins.  

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