Frequently Asked Questions

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Installation (4)

There are a lot of benefits running UPM·X and/or Designer application(s) on the ServiceNow platform:

  • The application is certified and approved by ServiceNow viktig länk
  • Quick installation and availability of the solution on multiple instances immediately
  • Fully multi-tenant SaaS support
  • No local or client installations required
  • Quick enablement and implementation time-frames
  • No integration requirements
  • Direct access to all CMDB tables and any other data in ServiceNow
  • Long-term sustainable upgrade strategy
  • High availability and secure solutions
  • Minimum administration and maintenance effort
  • Low consultancy and customization effort
  • Transparent total cost of ownership (TCO)

ins·pi’s business model focuses on cloud services only to respond to the global 2000 and fortune 500 company’s requirements world-wide. We see cloud services as an important step to digitalize enterprises, reduce complexity, reduce cost and improve agility.

ins·pi has chosen ServiceNow’s Enterprise Cloud infrastructure, which has proved itself as one of the most robust, fast and reliable solution on the market.

Featuring a unique, multi‑instance architecture, the ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud delivers industry‑leading availability and redundancy. Highly secure features protect customer data and conform to the highest levels of compliance and regulation. The ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud can scale to the needs of the largest global enterprises.

UPM·X is a “scoped application” natively build on and certified by ServiceNow. We call it native, as it is 100% build on ServiceNow and does not differ from any other ServiceNow plugin. It doesn’t need any integration or continuous maintenance of an integration which will save you time and resources. So you can focus on your enterprises architecture and not on the architecture of your EA tool. This is a unique approach and you will not find any other application similar to UPM·X on the market.

There is no need to change anything on your installation, or to migrate data. You can continue using the original UPM·X tables without any side effects. New customers have the choice to select any of those tables. But do not use both tables in parallel unless you have a good reason to do so.   

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