A smarter way to create relationships in ServiceNow®

Drag & Drop Relationships

Creating, remapping and deleting relationships is done through drag & drop which saves time.

Metamodel Governance

FREELUCY only allows creating defined suggested relationships by highlighting possible connection points. This will ensure compliance with your meta-model and reduce training effort.

Completely Free

FREELUCY is provided for free and does not require any additional ServiceNow end user licenses.

FREELUCY is a visual relationship editor extending ServiceNow capabilities to create, remap and delete relationships easily. Its drag & drop simplicity will ensure, that it can create only allowed relationships.

The application is certified by ServiceNow and is provided by ins·pi for free for existing ServiceNow customers.

Creating relationships in ServiceNow is tricky without FREELUCY. Remembering the relationship types and direction to interconnect objects takes time and results mostly in poor data quality.


While improving the user experience for our UPM·X product we have created a feature to create, remap and delete relationships per drag & drop. UPM·X is primarily used by architects maintaining relationships manually. The logical objects created do not exist physically at that stage and can’t be discovered.
Following our passion we thought: “We need to get this out to all ServiceNow users! Even outside of the conceptional planning activities there are still a lot of relationships which requires manual editing. Let‘s give something cool back to the community.“


Yes! FREELUCY is using core platform functionalities with additional enhancements. No tables are introduced, therefore no ServiceNow licenses are required.
If you ask yourself „What’s in for ins·pi?“, the answer is pretty simple: We are developing on the ServiceNow platform for over 5 years and got a lot during this time from the community. Now, it‘s the time for us to give something back.
It‘s more the spiritual thing and journey we are in as a company. Money is just an enabler for us to do great things. We enjoy the positive feedback and energy shared by people. It‘s all worth to get your smile…

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