FREELUCY Release Notes

Full history of all releases and enhancements
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We develop our applications in close alignment with the ServiceNow product teams and product roadmaps. The latest FREELUCY release is compatible with all supported ServiceNow versions.


Introducing New Functionality
  • Right-click option “Jump to…” to quickly change center element
Updates & Improvements
  • Removing “*” asterisk to simplify search. All search results will be shown when changing table in browser
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Extending image path with “/images/lucy/…” to avoid  loading issues in exceptional cases
  • Wrong relationship direction can be created


Updates & Improvements
  • Color Theme
  • Browser results shown as “(empty)” instead NULL
  • Adding ACL’s for LUCY Editor to sys_db_object table
  • Adding ACL’s for LUCY Editor to ngbsm_ci_type_icon table
  • Adding ACL’s for LUCY Editor to ngbsm_ci_icons table
  • Adding ACL’s for LUCY Editor to cmdb_rel_type table
  • Adding ACL’s for LUCY Editor to cmdb_rel_ci table
  • Adding ACL’s for LUCY Editor to cmdb_rel_type_suggest table
  • Adding ACL’s for LUCY Editor to cmdb_ci table
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Showing extended table entries in browser where no suggested relationships are defined
  • Resizing window
  • Not showing all available relationship types


Introducing New Functionality
  • Change Branding to FREELUCY
Updates & Improvements
  • Upgrade SweetAlert library from V8.12.1 to 9.4.3
  • Extended hierarchy level support
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Hierarchy level shown for extended tables
  • Right-click menu does not disappear when Open Form option used


Introducing New Functionality
  • Browser hierarchy view for elements where Parent field is used 
  • Introducing multi selection and drag & drop to create relationships
Updates & Improvements
  • Extending application menu with User Guide entry pointing to Knowledge Base & User Guide on ins·pi Website
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Search results not showing correct number of results
  • Browser paging overlapping for three digit numbers
  • Open Form pointing to wrong SysID
  • Open Form not working for new elements after commit
  • Hyperlink of (i) icon to point to Knowledge Base & User Guide page


Initial Release