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Application Cross-Scope privilege

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Designer is a scoped application and requires read access to tables (including custom tables) to receive data from. The commit function requires create access to tables.

To grant read / create cross-scope access to tables please follow the following instruction, which can be performed by ServiceNow System Administrators:

Application Cross Scope Privilege

A – Please ensure that Designer is selected as the Source Scope.

B – Select the Target Scope which needs to reflect the scope, where the tables are belonging to e.g. UPMX for ins·pi’s UPM·X application. 

C – Enter the table name here e.g. x_inpgh_upmx_value_chain.

D – Select Read, if you want your Designer users only to read data from the tables. Select Create, to allow x_inpgh_des.commit role users to create elements in the target table.

E – Select Allow to provide access to the target table. 

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