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Approval Workflow

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The Diagram Approval Workflow supports a lean process with a 2 step approval process.

Diagram Approval Process
  1. To initiate the approval process, press the Submit for Assessment button in the Diagram form.
  2. Members of the Designer – Design Assessment Group will be notified and the the Request Diagram Update button will be visible in the Diagram form. 
  3. The My Approvals module will allow the Designer – Design Assessment Group members to take action e.g. Approve or Reject.
  4. After receiving the approval of all Designer – Design Assessment Group members, the Designer – Architecture Committee members will be notified.
  5. The My Approvals module will allow the Designer – Architecture Committee members to take action.
  6. After the final approval the diagram content will be read-only and can’t be overwritten.

HINT: Create a clone of an approved diagram, if you want make changes and re-submit for approval. 

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