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Class Definitions Form

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A – Activate the class definition to make it visible in the Diagrams browser.

B – The category helps you to group different shapes logically. The choice fields can be changed by an administrator. This category is not visible anywhere else. 

C – Name of the table / class visible in the Designer browser.

D – Field which will be displayed as the shape name and search result of the repository browser.

E – Default width of the shape used when loading data from the browser.

F – Default height of the shape used when loading data from the browser.

G – Each class definition can be assigned to a domain, where it will be only visible for the domain and sub-domain members. Class definitions assigned to the global domain will be visible to all users in all domains. 

H – The style definition for the specified table/class. Use CTRL+E on a shape to copy it’s styling.

I – Selected Class Fields which are available to store additional information on future state elements. See here for further information.   >> New in Version 4.1  

NOTE: The class definitions table supports domain separation. Please enable plugin Domain Support – Domain Extensions Installer (com.glide.domain.msp_extensions.installer) to separate data and configuration.

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