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Committing Relationships

Committing Relationships are restricted to the role x_inpgh_des.commit by default. Please assign the appropriate right to users to provide them the rights to commit relationships.

Important Note: Please commit associated Not Committed Elements first, before committing relationships!

Navigate to the Diagram Form through the Diagrams application menu.

A – Select the Relationships related list to see all committed and not committed relationships as part of the diagram.

B – Select the Not Committed Relationship(s). Selecting multiple elements is possible. 

C – Click the Commit button to submit the selected Relationships(s).

Once the relationship(s) are committed, open the diagram in the Designer, and load the relationships from the committed element(s) to receive the committed relationship(s).

NOTE: The Commit button (UI Action) logic can be configured by your ServiceNow administrator to add custom scripts to trigger workflows, or initiate procurement processes.

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