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Create your own Shape Library

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Before you start changing any existing shapes and shape libraries, keep this golden rule always in mind:

Golden Rule

Do not change any out-of-the-box shapes or shape libraries. Always create a copy!

The first step to your own shape library is to identify those shapes you want to reuse.

A – Click the settings icon to see the existing shape libraries.

B – Activate the libraries of interest and reload the Designer to check the individual shapes in the Designer Shape Library left hand panel.

C – Click the New button to create a new shape library.

Designer Shape Libraries

A shape library is the shell for a set of shapes. To learn more about the shape libraries and shapes click here.

D – Enter a unique, recognizable name for the shape library.

E – Right-click on the gray bar to see the Save option. In some configurations this option is not available. In that case use the Submit button, go back and re-open the new created shape library.

Creating a new shape library

F – After the save action, the related list for shapes is visible.

Now, you have two options to create a new shape:

Option 1

Go back to the Designer, select the shape you want to use. Press CTRL+E to see the Edit Style window. Copy the styling (G) and paste it into the new shapes styling (H).

Option 2

The smarter way is to create a copy of an existing shape.

Go to the Shape Library table and open the shape entry within that library.

Select the shape library you have created for your company (I). Right-click on the gray bar at the top and select Insert, or Insert and Stay to create a copy of the shape within the new shape library.

NOTE: If you just click the Update button, it will update the current shape by removing it from the library and adding it to the new one. In this case, it will not be a copy!

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