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Creating Indicators & Indicator Breakdowns

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Indicators make your diagram colors meaningful by mapping colors to real-time data. Any field in ServiceNow can be defined as an Indicator and used to color the background, edge or corner of any shape. 

Indicator List

To create new Indicators follow these steps:

Indicators List

A – Click Indicators in the Application Menu to see the list of Indicators.

B – Click of one of the items see the details.

C – Click the New button to create a new Indictor.

D – Click to Clone button to create an exact copy of the Indicator including the Indicator Breakdowns. 

E – Only Active = true Indicators will be selectable in the Designer.

Indicator Form 

The Indicator form comprises the relevant information including the Indicator Breakdown, which are visible when saved the Indicator first:

Indicator Form

A – The Indicator Label is the text visible.

B – Activate / deactivate the Indicator.

C – Select the table you want to apply the Indicator when loading data from the repository browser.

D – Select the field you want to apply the Indicator of the selected table to.

E – Click the New button to add a new Indicator Breakdown.

Indicator Breakdowns 

The Indicator Breakdown contains the label, color and value of each Indicator which is used to color the background, edge and corner of the shapes, and to create the Indicator legends.

Indicator Breakdown

A – The Indicator reference field is set automatically.

B – The Label of your Indicator Breakdown is used for the Indicator legend and will be displayed instead of the Value field (D).

C – Select a HEX color for the indicator. Ensure, that you use recognizable colors for users.

D – The Value is the target fields content. Use the value field of choice fields, or the SysID for reference fields.

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