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Designer Menu in ServiceNow

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Designer Application Menu in ServiceNow

A – The Designer Module in ServiceNow

B – Shows the Overview Dashboard

C – Launches the Designer modeling canvas

D – Shows the table with all Designer Diagrams

E – Shows the table with all approvals for the current user

F – Shows the table with all committed and not committed elements as part of the diagrams (Designer Admin only)

E – Shows the table with all committed and not committed relationships as part of the diagrams (Designer Admin only)

H – Shows the table for the class, style and shape style definitions (Designer Admin only)

I – Shows the table personal & global filter definitions (Designer Admin only)

J – Shows the table for the relationship styling (Designer Admin only)

K – Shows the table with all indicators for various tables and fields (Designer Admin only)

L – Shows the table with all Shape Libraries and Shapes (Designer Admin only)

M – Shows the table with all templates. Global templates can be set here. (Designer Admin only)

N – Opens a website to contact the ins·pi support team

O – Opens the Designer Knowledge Base & User Guide website

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