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Diagrams Table

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The Diagrams table contains all diagrams created with the Designer. All diagrams are stored within the ServiceNow repository and are audited, so the full history and changes are tracked over time. 

Diagrams Table

A – Create a new, empty diagram.

B – Open the selected diagram in the Designer.

C – Open the selected diagram in the presenter mode without loading the top, left and right panels. 

D – Clone the selected diagram including the name, description and diagram content. 

E – Shows the list of all available diagrams. The list can be adapted, sorted and filtered with the available ServiceNow functionalities. 

  • Diagrams can be related to any CMDB_CI e.g. Server, and UPM·X* Portfolio Element e.g. Information Object via the Related Element reference field. A list of the available diagrams per referenced item/element can be seen in the associated form in a related list called Designer Diagrams.

F – Right-click context menu provides additional options.

 NOTE: The diagrams table supports domain separation. Please enable plugin Domain Support – Domain Extensions Installer (com.glide.domain.msp_extensions.installer) to separate data and configuration.

*UPM·X is a use-case centric solution enabling organizations to unify the operational and planning levels of the enterprise based on ServiceNow, which needs to licensed separately. 

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