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Editing Relationship Data

Select a relationship and press CTRL+M, or right-click on the relationship and select Edit Data from the context menu to see the Relationship Data form.

Edit Relationship Data (CTRL+M)

A – Type of the relationship. Depends on the table / class of the start and end shapes the relationship is connected to (direction sensitive). The type is empty, if the relationship is not connected correctly, or has no suggested relationships defined.
NOTE: Starting with V3.3 the first relationship is auto-selected when a relationship is created between 2 shapes with assigned table.

B – Name of the Relationship which will be displayed in the diagram. This can differ from the real relationship name in ServiceNow to make the diagram better readable.

C – User notes made during the diagramming process to share with peers which may be helpful during the review and approval process of the diagram.

D – The expected start date can be used for scenario planning purposes to indicate the target implementation date of a relationship.

E – The expected stop date can be used for scenario planning purposes to indicate the target stop date of a relationship.

F – The tooltip text shown when hovering the mouse on the relationship. By default it is suggested relationship name.

G – Unique ServiceNow SysID of the relationship instance.

NOTE: Only relationships with a selected type are considered as committed / not committed in the content browser. 

Designer supports storing any relationship fields value temporarily for future state relationships (not committed). See here for further information.   >> New in Version 4.1  

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