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Opening Diagrams

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Option 1—Diagrams Table

A – Click the Diagrams application module in ServiceNow or alternatively File > Open in the Designer to see the list of Diagrams.

B – Select one diagram and click Open in Designer (C).

C – To open a diagram in the Designer select one diagram (B).

D – Alternatively right-click on a Diagram and select Open in Designer.

E – Use the Present option to load the Designer without the top, left and right panels.   

Option 2—Open Dialog within Designer Canvas   >> New in Version 4.0  

A – Click the Open Diagrams icon within the DIAGRAMS ribbon to see the ‘Open Diagram’ dialog.

B – Click the ‘ALL’ tab to see all available Diagrams.

C – Click the ‘PERSONAL’ tab to see Diagrams created by you.

D – Click the ‘RECENT’ tab to see Diagrams recently opened by you. Please note, that this list will be empty in your browser incognito mode, or once you have deleted your browser cache.

E – Use this field to search for a Diagram.

F – List showing the available Diagrams.

G – Area showing the preview image and key details about the Diagram.

H – Click the icon to open the Diagram form.

I – Click the button to open the selected Diagram within a new browser tab.

J – Click the button to open the selected Diagram within the current browser tab. Please note that this option opens the Diagram much faster, because the Diagram canvas is already loaded within your browser.

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