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  >> New in Version 3.3  

Designer’s Repository Browser Filter provides flexible filtering capabilities to focus on relevant data while querying data from the ServiceNow repository. E.g. you can exclude all retired servers from your search by defining a global or personal filter.

The Repository Browser Filter can be used in combination with the Hop functionality.

Repository Browser Filter

A – Click the filter icon to open the Repository Browser Filter settings window. The icon color changes to orange, when the filter has been activated (see step J).

B – Global Filters can be set for all users in the Filters table and will be visible in the Repository Browser Filters window. The Designer Admin can change any personal filter into a global filter by changing the “Is Global” field to true.

C – Designer Users can create their personal filter settings. These are stored in the Filters table, which is accessible for the Designer Admin only.

D – Check/uncheck the box to include/exclude certain filter settings.

E – Provide a name for the filter settings, which will help you in future to recognize the filter again quickly.

F – Select a table which should be filtered on.

G – Apply the filter criteria required. Designer uses the standard ServiceNow filtering features. Click here to learn more.

H – Click the + icon to add a new line with filters.

I – Click the x icon to remove the filter line.

J – Before you click the Apply button make sure you switch on the filters. You can switch off the filters easily without removing the individual filter lines.

K – Click the Apply button to use the filters.

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