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Designer User Interface

Hover mouse to see active areas on the image. Click on any active areas to receive additional information.

Designer User Interface
Create new Diagram DIAGRAM RIBBON Designer Logo Drawing Canvas Shape Search Shape Libraries Diagram Name Save Shape Libraries & Shapes Close Shape Library Scale Shape Library

Create new Diagram

Click to create a new empty diagram in a new browser tab.


Contains core information about the Diagram.

Designer Logo

Click on the Designer logo to see the version information.

Drawing Canvas

Main drawing canvas to place shapes, text and relationships.

Click on a shape to access additional options for shapes and relationships.

Shape Search

Enter a string to search within the active shape libraries.

A wildcard e.g. “*” is not required!

Shape Libraries

Click to see the available Shape Libraries.

The administrator can activate Shape Libraries as requested.

Diagram Name

Click to change the diagram name.


Click this button to save the diagram or press CTRL+S on the keyboard. This button is only visible, when a change occurred since last saving.
If the diagram hasn’t been saved at all, you will be asked to provide a name for the diagram.

Shape Libraries & Shapes

Drag & Drop or just click on a shape to add to drawing canvas.

Close Shape Library

Click to close/minimize the shape library.

Scale Shape Library

Click to close/minimize shape library. Hold and move mouse to change width of shape library.

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