Why shall I run UPM·X & Designer on ServiceNow?

Why shall I run UPM·X & Designer on ServiceNow? 150 150 ins·pi

There are a lot of benefits running UPM·X and/or Designer application(s) on the ServiceNow platform:

  • The application is certified and approved by ServiceNow viktig länk
  • Quick installation and availability of the solution on multiple instances immediately
  • Fully multi-tenant SaaS support
  • No local or client installations required
  • Quick enablement and implementation time-frames
  • No integration requirements
  • Direct access to all CMDB tables and any other data in ServiceNow
  • Long-term sustainable upgrade strategy
  • High availability and secure solutions
  • Minimum administration and maintenance effort
  • Low consultancy and customization effort
  • Transparent total cost of ownership (TCO)