30 Days Free Trial

You can try UPM·X for free in just 3-steps!


Request UPM·X Trial from ServiceNow Store

  • Click the button above to navigate to the ServiceNow store.
  • Click the “Request Trial” button on the ServiceNow store page.
  • Login with your ServiceNow HI-Account credentials.
  • After ins·pi’s approval of your request, you can select a non-productive instance to install the trial.
  • The trial version can only be installed on non-productive instances associated with your companies ServiceNow HI-Account.
  • We do not support installation on personal development instances.
  • You can try UPM·X with your data.
  • ins·pi has none access to your instance or data.
  • The trial is cost free and starts with the installation date.


Prerequisites — Check Your Instance Settings

Before you start the trial installation of UPM·X, please ensure that the maximum file attachment size is set correctly and the User Guide Plugin is activated.

Maximum file attachment size
  • Goto System Properties > Security > Maximum file attachment size in megabytes and set to > 500 MB
  • The application is downloaded as a ZIP file from the ServiceNow store. The installation can not be performed, if the maximum file attachment size too small.


Install UPM·X

  • Login to your non-productive ServiceNow instance and go to System Applications > Applications.
  • Click on the Downloads tab and search for the UPM·X application.
  • Now select Install or Install with demo data.
  • The installation will take approximately 10 minutes.
  • After the installation has been completed you will find the UPM·X application menu in the left hand navigator.
  • Run the scheduled job to create the tree hierarchy for the new UPM·X Portal:
    ON DEMAND: UPM·X Create portal tree for existing definitions
  • The installation is completely hands-free.
  • The demo data contains example diagrams to get quickly started.
  • Please do not forget to clean your browser cache if you are installing a newer version of UPM·X.


Setup a free 90 Minutes JAM Session

To gain maximum value of the trial version, we recommend setting up a 90 minutes free JAM session. Ideally this should happen after the first 14 days once you have done your first testings.

The JAM session will provide you:

  • the ability to ask questions,
  • review your use-cases,
  • deep-dive into features & functionality of the applications, and
  • discuss next steps.
  • The JAM session or the User Guide are not replacements for a training session!