UPM·X Release Notes

Full history of all releases and enhancements
Quarterly application releases · Major application version release per year · Bi-Yearly development roadmap sessions with customers · Full alignment with ServiceNow product release roadmap

We develop our applications in close alignment with the ServiceNow product teams and product roadmaps. The latest UPM·X release is compatible with all supported ServiceNow versions.

UPM·X V4.3 (In Certification)

Introducing New Functionality
  • New visualization type: Sankey
  • Sankey diagram dashboard added to Strategic planning
  • Sankey diagram available on Business Application, Logical Interfaces and Information Objects
  • New visualization type: Chord
  • Chord diagram dashboard added to Information Architecture
  • Chord diagram available on Business Application, Logical Interfaces and Information Objects
  • New table: Chatbot x_inpgh_upmx_chatbot
  • New suggested relationships added for Chatbot
  • Added additional fields on Business Application table cmdb_ci_business_app
  • Added additional fields on Business Capability table cmdb_ci_business_capability
  • Added additional fields on Information Object table cmdb_ci_information_object
  • Added additional visualizations on supported cmdb_ci tables
  • Added new Realtime Indicators
  • Added new reporting table x_inpgh_upmx_report_cmdb_app2swp to visualize cmdb_ci_business_app and x_inpgh_upmx_software_product technology risk and obsolescence
Updates & Improvements
  • Simplified and added new reports and dashboards
  • Updated reports and dashboards referring to x_inpgh_business_application, x_inpgh_business_capability, and x_inpgh_information_object
  • Worldmap support for cmdb_ci_business_app table
  • Treemap visualization opens elements in new tab when clicked
  • Data Governance: Restricting scope for data definitions on cmdb_ci base and child tables
  • Data Quality Widget: Applying ACLs on verification buttons for UPM·X Admin, stewards, stewards groups and fields
  • Data Quality Widget: Sorting alphabetically by field name
  • Optimized calculations for data quality calculations
  • ACLs added on supported cmdb_ci tables
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Treemap: Open element form in new tab on click of node
  • Relationship Picker: Results not displayed correctly when only single table is available in browser
  • Relationship Picker: Remapping newly created relationship stopped animation
  • #Relationships calculation
  • Internal Lifecycle calculation
  • Data quality calculations not working on cmdb_ci level


UPM·X V4.2 (Latest Release)

Please follow the mandatory Upgrade instructions from V3.x to V4.2. Or follow the Upgrade instructions from V4.x to V4.2.

Introducing New Functionality
  • New Dashboards & Reports
  • New Rollup option “Maximum” to show maximum value
  • New Rollup option “Minimum” to show minimum value
  • Cost management available on CMDB_CI level
  • KPI management available on CMDB_CI level
  • Reference model available on CMDB_CI level
  • Lifecycle management available on CMDB_CI level
  • Recommendations available on CMDB_CI level
  • Realtime Indicators available on CMDB_CI level
  • Realtime Indicators supporting fields on relationships cmdb_rel_ci table
  • Data Quality Management available on CMDB_CI level
  • Rollups available on CMDB_CI level
  • Usage table available on CMDB_CI level
  • Hosting table available on CMDB_CI level
  • Consideration of custom fields for calculations e.g. u_opex_total
  • Relationship Picker right-click option “Jump to…” to quickly change center element
  • Standards Lifecycle for Software Products, Hardware Products and Patterns
  • Standards Lifecycle calculated field on x_inpgh_upmx_portfolio_element  table to show current lifecycle disposition
  • New suggested relationships for cmdb_ci_business_app, cmdb_ci_business_capability, cmdb_ci_information_object to support end-to-end Enterprise Architecture use-cases
Updates & Improvements
  • Merging & cleanup of existing reports and dashboards
  • Capability Map updated with further improvements
  • Introduction new nomenclature for scripts
  • Renaming scripts to match new nomenclature
  • Simplification & cleaning up application menu
  • Rename “Task” table to “Project Task”
  • Relationship Picker removing “*” asterisk to simplify search. All search results will be shown when changing table in browser
  • Relationship Picker SweatAlert version upgrade to 9.4.3
  • Relationship Picker Suggested Relationship column shows both directions in Setting view
  • Changing Data Quality Business Rules Priority to 200
  • Simplifying Lifecycle Stages
  • Updating Lifecycle colors, field styles & chart colors
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Relationship Picker settings for white/black listing block creation
  • Relationship Picker extending image path with “/images/rp/…” to avoid loading issues in exceptional cases
  • Relationship Picker wrong relationship direction can be created
  • Relationship Picker hierarchy reduced, only showing Level 1 except when there is a query
  • Relationship Picker expanding more items within the browser repository result in level Level 3 or more.
  • Relationship Picker remapping relationship not showing all the relationship types available
  • Relationship Picker fixed remapping invert direction was changing the side after cancelling the action
  • Relationship Picker fixed settings view table in order to support large amount of entries
  • Relationship Picker creates wrong relationships
  • Relationship Picker provoking ignoring configured allowed/blocked relationship on Level 2

UPM·X V4.1

Introducing New Functionality
  • Relationship Picker settings view for UPM·X Admin
  • Relationship Picker feature to block duplicated relationships
  • Relationship Picker feature to create rules to allow or block suggested relationships based on user groups
  • Introducing “KPI” x_inpgh_upmx_kpi table to manage Key Performance Indicators
  • Introducing “PPI” x_inpgh_upmx_ppi table to manage Process Performance Indicators
  • Introducing “KRI” x_inpgh_upmx_kri table to manage Key Risk Indicators
  • Introducing “Metrics” x_inpgh_upmx_metric table to manage Metrics
  • Introducing “Measures” x_inpgh_upmx_measure table to manage Measures
  • Introducing several new suggested relationships for new tables
  • Introducing new relationship type “measures::measured by”
Updates & Improvements
  • Visual Relationship Picker V2.1 updated (aka FREELUCY)
  • Relationship Picker colors
  • Relationship Picker browser results shown as “(empty)” instead NULL
  • Adding ACL’s for UPM·X Reader & UPM·X Relationship Editor to sys_db_object table required by Relationship Editor
  • Adding ACL’s for UPM·X Reader & UPM·X Relationship Editor to ngbsm_ci_icons required by Relationship Editor
  • Adding ACL’s for UPM·X Reader & UPM·X Relationship Editor to ngbsm_ci_type_icon required by Relationship Editor
  • Adding ACL’s for UPM·X Reader & UPM·X Relationship Editor to x_inpgh_upmx_rel_type_suggest_group required by Relationship Editor
  • Adding ACL’s for UPM·X Reader & UPM·X Relationship Editor to x_inpgh_upmx_rel_type_suggest required by Relationship Editor
  • Adding ACL’s for UPM·X Reader & UPM·X Relationship Editor to x_inpgh_upmx_global_settings required by Relationship Editor
  • Adding ACL’s for UPM·X Reader & UPM·X Relationship Editor to sys_user_grmember required by Relationship Editor
  • Client Script to remove ServiceNow dependency view and relationship editor
  • Script to clean/reset former data quality tables
  • Application Menu Business Application (CSDM) to open UPM·X View
  • Application Menu Business Capability (CSDM) to open UPM·X View
  • Extending image path for relationship picker to “images/rp/…” to avoid exceptional access rights restrictions for some instances
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Relationship Picker showing extended table entries in browser where no suggested relationships are defined
  • Relationship Picker resizing window
  • Relationship Picker not showing all available relationship types
  • Updated ACL’s for UPM·X Reader for Data Quality Widget
  • Table not accessible, as dictionary entry “collection” missing for x_inpgh_upmx_website
  • Table not accessible, as dictionary entry “collection” missing for x_inpgh_upmx_process_category
  • Table not accessible, as dictionary entry “collection” missing for x_inpgh_upmx_value_stream
  • Table not accessible, as dictionary entry “collection” missing for x_inpgh_upmx_social_media
  • Table not accessible, as dictionary entry “collection” missing for x_inpgh_upmx_process_task

UPM·X V4.0

Introducing New Functionality
  • Clickable Hierarchy” formatter for Form view representing the full hierarchy (parent/child) with clickable labels
  • Data Quality” table for Form view showing data definitions, completeness and currentness of data, and verification option for stewards
  • Data Quality Email notifications” for a single steward & steward group
  • Introducing “Data Governance Portal” to manage data definitions and scope
  • Introducing Building Block x_inpgh_upmx_building_block table
  • Introducing Control x_inpgh_upmx_component table
  • Introducing Domain x_inpgh_upmx_domain table
  • Introducing Journey x_inpgh_upmx_journey table
  • Introducing Logical Application x_inpgh_upmx_logical_application table
  • Introducing Logical Data Object x_inpgh_upmx_logical_data_object table
  • Introducing Microservice x_inpgh_upmx_microservice table
  • Introducing Mobile Application  x_inpgh_upmx_mobile_application table
  • Introducing Physical Data Object x_inpgh_upmx_physical_data_object table
  • Introducing Physical Interface x_inpgh_upmx_physical_interface table
  • Introducing Process x_inpgh_upmx_process table (use instead of Business Process x_inpgh_upmx_business_process)
  • Introducing Process Activity x_inpgh_upmx_process_activity table
  • Introducing Process Category x_inpgh_upmx_process_category table
  • Introducing Process Group x_inpgh_upmx_process_group table
  • Introducing Process Operations x_inpgh_upmx_process_operations table
  • Introducing Process Task x_inpgh_upmx_process_task table
  • Introducing Process Workflow x_inpgh_upmx_process_workflow table
  • Introducing Risk x_inpgh_upmx_risk table
  • Introducing Social Media x_inpgh_upmx_social_media table
  • Introducing Solution Use Case x_inpgh_upmx_solution_use_case table
  • Introducing Value Stream x_inpgh_upmx_value_stream table
  • Introducing Website x_inpgh_upmx_website table
  • Introducing over 500 new suggested relationships to support UPM·X V4.0 metamodel
  • Introducing new suggested relationships to support CSDM tables Business Application cmdb_ci_business_app and Business Capabilitycmdb_ci_business_capability
  • Visual Relationship Editor included (aka FREELUCY)
Updates & Improvements
  • Renaming Business Application to “Business Application UPM·X” to avoid the naming conflict with CMDB table
  • Renaming Business Capability to “Business Capability UPM·X” to avoid the naming conflict with CMDB table
  • Renaming Information Object to “Information Object UPM·X” to avoid the naming conflict with CMDB table
  • Renaming Business Process to “Business Process UPM·X” to avoid the naming conflict with CMDB table
  • Renaming Indicator Table to “Realtime Indicators” to keep alignment with Designer application
  • Updated Data Definitions & Scoping logic and algorithm (Recreation of existing definitions required to use new functionality)
  • Removed Department, Business Owner, IT Owner and Steward information from Demo data to avoid confusion due to potential missing data
  • Changed “Standard” lifecycle phase to “In Production
  • Updated all lifecycle related reports to consider “In Production Phase” instead of “Standard”
  • Changed Strategy -> enables -> Business Capability UPM·X to Strategy -> influences -> Business Capability UPM·X

UPM·X V3.x

Introducing New Functionality
  • UPM·X Portal with tree navigator targeted for end-users
  • “Organizational Unit” table as Portfolio Element extension
  • “Glossary” table for terms & definitions
  • Reporting table Business Capability > Business Application > Database
  • Reporting table Business Process > Business Application > Software Product
  • Value representation for Indicators
  • Value range for Indicators
  • Additional axis for Landscape Map
  • Oracle Software products and manufacturer lifecycle information
Updates & Improvements
  • Updating UPM·X logo design
  • Replacing UPM·X PNG icons with SVG
  • Updating demo data
  • Increasing performance for Data Quality Calculations
  • Renaming scheduled scripts to align naming conventions
  • Unprotecting scheduled jobs
  • Updating static content and dashboard headings
  • Renaming UPM·X Groups
  • Cleaning up UPM·X Roles
  • Tooltips for Roadmap Visualization to see table name
  • Removed x_inpgh_upmx.reader from UPM·X Features Application Menu
  • Moving User Guide from ServiceNow help file to https://ins-pi.com/kb-upmx
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Landscape Map visualization rendering issue
  • Recommendation Field calculation when all Recommendations are deleted
  • Relationship Picker issue in Internet Explorer
  • Reference field preview (i) icon in London release

UPM·X V2.2

Introducing New Functionality
  • Landscape Report Visualization
  • Partition Map Visualization
  • Tree Map Visualization
  • Visualization right-click option in UPM·X list views
  • “Information Object Attribute” table
  • Maturity choice field e.g. Capability Maturity
  • Scenario comparison dashboard
  • “Enterprise Architect” reference field
  • “GDPR Relevant” field
  • Maturity Indicator
Updates & Improvements
  • Hierarchy Map shape size
  • Improving Lifecycle Roadmap multiple relationship visualization
  • Updating Lifecycle Roadmap with selectable indicator

UPM·X V2.1

Introducing New Functionality
  • Hierarchy Map Visualization
Updates & Improvements
  • Lifecycle Roadmap with selectable indicators
  • Lifecycle Roadmap label layouts
  • Lifecycle Visualization to avoid overlapping labels

UPM·X V2.0

Introducing New Functionality
  • Certification and compatibility with ServiceNow Kingston release
  • “Usage” table
  • “Hosting” table
  • “Risk & Compliance” table
  • “Actor” table
  • “Channel” table
  • “Component” table
  • “Market” table
    “Technical Capability” table
  • Data Governance with Data Definitions, Data Definition Scopes, Data quality and Data Verifications
  • Usage lifecycles for all Portfolio Elements
  • Indicators and Indicator breakdowns
  • New relationship types and suggested relationships
  • Interactive Filters for Dashboards
  • Dynamic Filters for Dashboards
  • Steward Groups
  • Domain Separation for Portfolio Feature tables
Updates & Improvements
  • Dashboard enhancements and updates
  • Static Content Files
  • Role rights on all dashboards
  • Role rights on application menus
  • Information Model for high Designer app experience and compatibility
  • Roadmap with interactive filters, indicators and usage lifecycle
  • Lifecycle Visualization
  • Updating Demo Data
  • Updating User Guide
  • Updating Role Matrix (CRUD)
  • Updating Report Titles
  • Updating UI Actions for Roadmaps
  • Updating Suggested Relationship directions to support top-down line-of-sight
  • Removing Roadmap Dependency as replaced by updated roadmap
  • Removing Focus Points as replaced by new Data Governance functionality
  • Removing ITIL role from UPM·X Admin and Editor role and replaced by Asset role
Bug & Issue Fixes
  • Landscape Map visualization rendering issue
  • Recommendation Field calculation when all Recommendations are deleted
  • Relationship Picker issue in Internet Explorer
  • Reference field preview (i) icon in London release

Initial Release