Instant Application Portfolio Optimization with UPM·X and ADMG

Instant Application Portfolio Optimization with UPM·X and ADMG 150 150 ins·pi

Application portfolio management (APM) is vital for reducing cost and risk within the enterprise. However, due to the lack of governance and right tools to support the processes, APM is not as efficient as it should be. Having a reliable framework that brings people, process and technologies together changes all that.

Our partner Justin McPherson from Advanced Design Management Group has spent the past 25 years helping Fortune 2000 companies optimize their application portfolios by helping them improve their application design, implement innovative replacements, and execute rationalization programs.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • establish a Value Blueprint to ensure clear quantifiable and qualitative benefits,
  • use cost & risk reduction and performance improvements to build the business case for your program,
  • create your Application Inventory and focus on Application Health, Cost & Value,
  • establish a lean Application Portfolio Optimization Framework considering other portfolios e.g. technologies,
  • adopt governance and sustainability, and
  • use UPM·X to support the ADMG framework.

The webinar will be held in two different time-zones on the 13th February 2018. Please click one of the buttons to register for the webinar: