ServiceNow Webinar — Design Driven Enterprise Transformation

ServiceNow Webinar — Design Driven Enterprise Transformation 150 150 ins·pi

Transformation and change are infinite activities within the enterprise to ensure competitive advantage and maximize revenue. However, planning and operations execution are detached, if people, process and technologies are not working in harmony. Having the ability to visually design the target architecture based on real-time data, and making designs actionable on a collaborative platform, is the dream of any modern enterprise.

Designer is a fully-web enabled, native ServiceNow application, that lets you diagram and model your enterprise, accessing all your data and tables from ServiceNow. In fact, Designer makes ServiceNow the golden source for all your enterprise diagrams and models. Ready-to-go templates and shapes give you unlimited adaptability. Plus, you can get up and running with very little training.

Join our webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase visibility of ServiceNow data and information
  • Create target architecture based on real-time data
  • Track landscape changes over time and keep diagrams in-sync with reality
  • Shorten project discovery stages, and support idea > demand > project processes
  • Drive processes and workflows through actionable diagrams e.g. server provisioning

The webinar will be held 22nd February 2018.